THEME // Summer Solstice

Yin Yang Rose grown in my garden, naturally!

Yin Yang Rose grown in my garden, naturally!

The summer solstice June 21st transitions the Northern Hemisphere into the season of summer, which is a time of PITTA according to the Ayurvedic tri-dosha wheel. PITTA spands across late spring and summer, KAPHA is associated with the winter season and VATA with the fall and late summer. Reflecting on the quality of this “Pitta” season we can reflect on our connection to the function, symbolism and poetics of whats called “tejas.”
In the seasonal wheel using the tri-doshas, late spring through Summer is associated with PITTA.
Elements: FIRE & WATER — energies of transformation, HEAT/SUN
Qualties: light, hot, spicey, oily, and instable
Mind: focused, energetic, clear perception, dynamic
Body: small intenstines, skin, liver and eyes
challenges: anger, resentment, irritable, jealous, cynism
Under stress: loose stools, heart ache, head ache, skin rashes, week liver
identifications: Focus, Leadership, Intellect
Reading from the Textbook of Ayurveda Fundamental Principles, I want to share what struck my attention about tejas as I connect with this shift from spring into summer.”The principle of tejas embraces both light and heat.” It is the sun. The illumination of the sun. “Tejas is the primary energy invovled in the digestion and transformation of everything that we take in and experience. This includes food, liquids, thoughts, actions, emotions, and all else that comprises our human life.” p 216

Tejas is the luster of the eyes, cellular intelligence, shining skin, and the glow of the aura.
It is one of the three subtle essences within the body: prana, tejas, and ojas. These three subtle essences of our existence work together.
“Tejas is the burning flame of pure intelligence. Keep that flame alive and bright. It is a flame that burns without a wick or fuel. It has no smoke. That light is your true nature. That light is tajas. When we are honest with our feelings and emotions ojas is building, tejas is glowing, and prana is flowing.” P 224
Tejas digest and transform everything that we take in….Soma is transformed by tejas into prana – the transformation of lifeless molecules into living cells is goverened by tejas.
To apply modern physiology and psychology to explain these terms, Vasant D. Lad gives the following definitions:” Soma is cytoplasm, cellular food, a food of consciousness, a food of the mind. Ojas is the celluarl immune mechanism. Tejas is the body’s enzymes, amino acids, and hormones. It is pure energy of intellegence, which transforms soma into prana. Prana is the flow of intellegence or life force. If we remember these definitions, that is enough.” p 230
…Total awareness when listening to someone we listen to the listener. Meaning we are in a state of witnessing, a double-attention. For example, when you look outside, one arrow goes out. At the same time, a second arrow goes inot the heart to look at the looker. This is called double-arrow attention, with this a third phenomem happes, witnessing. When you witness you will never get hert. Forget about your past life. Forget about your future life. Your past is crorded in your astral body. When practicing this awarenss, that light, that flame of witnessing  attention will burn and heal the memories of parents’ illnessess and past life hurt, as well as hurt fromt his life. Just take responsibilty, sit, and meditate. Unless you open your heart, unless you jump into the inner abyss, you are not going to become enlightene. Ultimately, you have to knock on your own door and come back to yourself. Love is within you. God is within you.”
Lad M.A.Sc., Vasant. (2002) Textbook of Ayurveda, Fundamental Principles. The Ayurvedic Press: Alburquerque, NM.
We have structure, form and energy.

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