The only way out is through

Upon completing the Yoga Therapeutics training with Jillian Pranksy this week, I left with a fortified sense of structural alignment & mindfulness tools, and more importantly with the profound awareness of the healing power of in being present for someone. By seeing someone in his or her wholeness, right now,  they not only receive language cues to align with the very inner center column where our soul resides, but they leave feeling more connected and acknowledged. This is healing.

Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) naturally helps the body/mind digest all the energy and information we take into our whole body, whole person. It happens when the Parasympathetic part of the ANS activates. We choose to engage the parasympathetic system through deliberate movement in connection with the breadth and with rest. Slowly, overtime, we get good at being in a state of seeing and digesting. In the fast passing of our lives today, we are called to participate in the conversation between the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic ANS. Sometimes pain, illness or disease calls us into conversation; and sometimes curiosity calls us. What ever it may be, as we practice being present and pausing; we open into our inner wisdom and consciousness.

Yoga Therapeutics employs healing through the parasympathetic function of regulation and mindfulness practices by using these essential tools:

Relaxation Techniques
Breath Work
Slow, Gentle Movement

Through these methods, you are seen by the practitioner and by your self. You move through your thought patterns and structural patterns, sometimes without doing anything, but rather by being and looking or relaxing.

Sometimes the way we use our energy speaks through pain. If we listen to the pain in the body as a messenger, we learn how our behavior and actions may not serve us. Based on the neuroplasticity of our body, we get good from practice. So if we let pain deabilitate us, or we choose to keep doing what we are doing now, either way we are avoiding the pain. This will deepen it. It becomes more and more repeatable.

Instead by asking questions about why and how we have come to feel pain, we learn how to live with the pain differently. Yoga Therapeutics teaches how to live with the pain and to not increase it overtime. From an ayurvedic perspective, pain is a way to connect with our wisdom body. We learn how to process and to witness by listening to the pain.

According to auyrveda medicine, everything we need to heal, to know, or learn today is something we have to digest. Balancing with the seasonal awareness from an auryvedic perspective is a guiding principle in my Yoga practice, whether in therapeutics or a vinyasa class.

I hope to have an opportunity to share the ways Yoga HEALS through reflection, movement and awareness.

Clinical studies show Yoga and Mindfulness practices have helped to alleviate, and sometimes heal a list of at least 45 health conditions, including: anxiety, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, and chronic pain. Ways yoga heals ranges from improving balance, circulation of the lymph, lung function and the over all immune function to releasing unconscious muscular gripping and lowering blood pressure, blood sugar as well as the need for medication. Over time and with consistent practice, which can translate to a daily 5-minute practice of breathing and relaxation protocol; practicing your repatterning protocol for your deep stabilizing muscles, or working the engagement of tadasana alignment while cooking, taking the subway and waiting on line at the grocery store, you can feel more connected, light and present in your life.

In closing, I invite you to welcome yourself into the present moment with this quote from OSHO’s The Book of Understanding, page 16: “Attention is energy. When someone looks lovingly at you, he is giving you food – a very subtle food.”



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