Exhibit opens June 20th!

Exhibit opens June 20th!

“ENGAGING ARTISTS: Presenting the 2014 Residents” will have socially-conscious works from the 15 artists chosen for the Engaging Artists Summer 2014 Residency Program.

JUNE 20th – JULY 14th

347 East 54th St. 

The gallery will be open by appointment only. To schedule a viewing, email info@avcenter.org

I will be exhibiting an archival installation of “Carry your Burdens” | Audio Tour Remapped

Multi-Media: audio, cartography, textile, performance, social practice, ritual


Carry your Burdens engages embodied empathy through endurance, metaphor and performance. Traversing 14th Street Manhattan from west to east in the morning the dancers perform movement derived from personal interviews at destination points, landmarks where a personal burden was shared. At dusk they return to the Hudson River carrying one another and the burdens they have embodied along the way. When the performers encounter public bearing a burden, they stop, feel, see and describe it through movement and voice. Two promenade performances each day for ten days duration, these duet performers transcend elements of physical fatigue but also the emotional exhaustion of carrying the burdens of 14th street. Expanding the map into performance, burdens lift.

Performed by, Eva Perrotta, Einy Aam Sparks, Katelyn Hales, Lindsey Drury and Corinne Cappelletti

Morning performance route

Patty Heffley | Renegade Cabaret at the Highline

Father Rubio | Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe | 328 W 14th

Carlo Altomare | Theaert Lab | 137 W 14th

David LaPoint | Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch | 328 E 14th

Jennifer Conley | Residence | 520 E 14th


Evening performance route

Pat Daugherty | Residence | 520 E 14th

Jackie Rudin | Residence | 7 W 14th

Nigel & Josua Suzanne | Rags A GoGo | 218 W 14th

Patty Heffley | Renegade Cabaret at the Highline

 Audio tour available at http://carryyourburdens.bandcamp.com/

More information can be found at www.artinoddplaces.org or https://newped.wordpress.com/




The 2014 ENGAGING ARTISTS Residents (left to right) top: Anna Adler, Kate Weigel, David Wallace, Fanny Allie, Dato Mio, Travis Fairclough, Julia A. Rooney, Emily Miller. Bottom: Christina Sukhgian Houle, Jamie Marie Rose Grove, Anne Peabody, Flavia Berindoague, Sue Jeong Ka, Corinne Cappelletti, Anthony Heinz May

The 2014 ENGAGING ARTISTS Residents (left to right) top: Anna Adler, Kate Weigel, David Wallace, Fanny Allie, Dato Mio, Travis Fairclough, Julia A. Rooney, Emily Miller. Bottom: Christina Sukhgian Houle, Jamie Marie Rose Grove, Anne Peabody, Flavia Berindoague, Sue Jeong Ka, Corinne Cappelletti, Anthony Heinz May

What is engaging artists?

Engaging Artists encourages local artists to deepen their understanding of socially engaged art through volunteer opportunities and interactive workshops with professionals in the fields of fine art and activism. During this six-week program, participants are required to volunteer at least a half a day per week at a local charitable organization.

The theme of the 2014 Engaging Artists program is Homelessness. This summer, the Engaging Artists residency will encourage 15 artists to deepen their understanding of socially engaged art through volunteer opportunities with one of the city’s most vulnerable populations, the homeless. Presented by More Art, and developed in partnership with the Artist Volunteer CenterJudson Memorial ChurchCommon Ground, and The Bowery Mission. More Art has crafted a one-of-a-kind program that activates artists to become involved in art-making and mentoring homeless youth in New York City. The artists’ experience will be enriched and contextualized through weekly workshops at Judson Memorial Church with professionals in the field as well as artists, curators, and activists. The six-week residency program will be connected to their studio practice, encouraging the production of artwork that is informed by this unique program, which will culminate in a show of the work made during this time. Artists will be able to submit proposals for a project at the end of their residency, and selected projects will be funded by More Art to allow the artist to continue his or her work with this population.

We are pleased to have selected our residents for the Engaging Artists 2014 session:

Christina Sukhgian Houle
Anne Peabody
Emily Miller
David Wallace
Corinne Cappelletti
Anna Adler
Kate Weigel
Flavia Berindoague
Fanny Allié
Sue jeong Ka
Dato Mio
Travis Fairclough
Anthony Heinz May
Jamie Marie Rose Grove
Julia A. Rooney


NY CARES: Mobilizing almost 60,000 volunteers a year to serve 400,000 New Yorkers in need, NY Cares is the largest volunteer organization in the city. There are approximately 50 volunteer opportunities available now with homeless populations. http://www.newyorkcares.org/

COMMON GROUND:  Their mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities by developing and sustaining exceptional supportive and affordable housing as well as programs for homeless and other vulnerable New Yorkers. Common Ground volunteers will create and lead art classes with residents of The Domenech in Brooklyn.

THE BOWERY MISSION: has served homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1879, when its neighborhood came to define the term “skid row.” The Bowery Mission serves as a refuge to the poor and hungry in New York City, who seek care and the opportunity to transform their lives. Volunteer artists will develop and lead fine art and art history classes at The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at Heartease Home.

SYLVIA’S PLACE: is an emergency shelter for LGBTQ homeless youth. Volunteer artists will work with homeless LGBTQ young adults, aged 18-29 at the shelter, creating collaborative art projects.

ART IN THE WOODS: A week long camp for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ youth to experience arts and nature at a queer spiritual retreat outside Albany, NY 

MORE ON THE WAY! We are waiting for more organizations to confirm volunteer opportunities with us, and will let you know when this list grows.

The Thursday Workshop runs each week beginning June 12th – July 26th with the exception of July 3rd when there will be no workshop due to July 4th celebrations. Each Thursday workshop will meet from 6:30 to 8:30 at Judson Memorial Church unless otherwise noted. There will be a 60-90 minute presentation from a guest speakers in the fields of Art Therapy, Homeless Advocacy, visual art, and activism.

Below you will find an itinerary for the workshops. 

Engaging Artists Weekly Workshops
June 12 – July 24, 2014
Judson Memorial Church, Assembly Hall
239 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012
6:30 – 8:30 pm  



June 12th: Andres Serrano artist talk and Reception for Residents

June 19th:  Keynote talk: “Art, Activism & Organizational Form” by Todd Lester

Followed by a workshop on Art Therapy:

Learn about the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of art therapy and participate in an activity.

-Speakers: Martha Dorn ( Executive Director of the Art Therapy Outreach Center) and Karen Gibbons (Art Therapist and Independent Health and Wellness Professional)

June 26th: Homeless Advocacy Organizations

Representatives from NYC organizations devoted to helping the homeless community break the cycle of homelessness, will speak about their organizations and how to get involved.

-Speakers: James Macklin (Director of Outreach at The Bowery Mission), and Chris Tabellario (Ground Community Director at Common Ground), and A representative from Picture the Homeless

July 10th: Homeless Advocacy Artists

Artists whose practice involves working with homeless individuals or organizations will speak about their artistic practice and show us examples of their work with the homeless.

-Artists: Jody WoodHeather StoltzHunter ReynoldsKOKO Surani, and Travis Laughlin (director of Education at the Joan Mitchell Foundation)

July 17th: Artist as Activist

Artists whose practice bridges the gap between art and activism will talk about their work.

-Artists: Jordan Seiler, Paula SegalCaroline Woolard of NYCTBD, and more to be announced

July 24th: Curatorial consultation and portfolio review

Guest curators will provide final critiques and guidance for the resident’s projects.

-Curators: Annelie McGavin,  Manon Slome



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