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About the project

OnebyOne is a live cartographic performance, mapping the pathways and development of the self through symbiotic relationship. It is a hybrid duet by Corinne Cappelletti & Eva Perrotta including a live vocal composer, Reba Hasko, interweaving ancient human ritual, and organic growth patterns found in the body, trees and animal behavior. OnebyOne seeks to understand the growth process through accumulating and also shedding layers of experience, like a tree peels away bark or a snake sheds skin.

The three upcoming performances of OnebyOne is yet another stage to development, not an end product. Each performance will be a living growing force in its self, a state of becoming shared with and influenced by each audience member and the community we will experience in the making. Like the rhythm of our process – with intense periods of producing movement material and then refinement periods where we edit, let go and reveal the integral ideas, influences or sections of material reveal clearly defined layers of the work and of our selves – the upcoming performances will also continue to teach us something new. By seeing our project different vantage points – some times from a great distance and other times tasting and smelling it, we learn to listen in different ways.

We ask one another: How does memory resonate in our body? How does that influence our connections, interactions and perceptions? How do constructed boundaries limit or expand our capacity for consciousness and development of knowing our consciousness? What realities are we creating for ourselves and how do they influence our interactions?

Origins of the project

In 2011 we started developing an improvisational and somatic approach to dance choreography called IMPRINT, in which intentional touch activates the consciousness of particular body systems. After a year of weekly practice and research, IMPRINT evolved into the making of a duet. This choreographic exploration took a new step during residency through The Field’s Far Reach Space program in Chelsea the summer of 2012.  We first performed an iteration of the work at Dixon Place in November 2012, which became the first section of our completed even performance, OnebyOne, being premiered this April.

The spiral pattern in the process of development became a central theme to our exploration, choreography and evolution of IMPRINT: OnebyOne. Unlike a linear progression, the spiral reveals how the growth process moves forward while maintaining a steady connection to the origin. From this steady center point, the spiral organically expands and opens constantly changing perspectives. The experience of how the center and the origin are intimately linked inspires the source of our movement vocabulary, our form, and our interactions. It is because “we” can keep changing “our” perspective to the center that “we” can grow.


OnebyOne will be presented at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn April 17th and 18th along with performance work by guest artists K.J. Holmes and duo: Simon Thomas-Train& Christina Robso.

OnebyOne will be also performed at apex art as part as the exhibit, Coding the Body in Manhattan May 3rd and at the Queen of Hudson Music Series in Newburgh, NY in June 2014.


Please help Spread the word! If you want to support our process with OnebyOne, make sure everyone- your friends, your family, and your social networks– know about this project and our goals. Share a link to this project with your endorsement on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be helping us in an incredibly valuable way!



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