IMPRINT: OnebyOne being developed for an evening length show April 17 & 18 2014

OnebyOne is a live cartographic performance that maps the pathways and development of the self through symbiotic relationship. Unfurling the meaning of support, dancers-choreographers, Eva Perrotta and Corinne Cappelletti, with composer, Reba Hasko, acknowledge the embodied histories that lay dormant – uplifting imprinted archetypes in our psyche, bones, cells – and update the past into the present. OnebyOne seeks to understand the spiralic nature of growth by accumulating and then shedding layers of experience, like a tree peels away bark or a snake sheds skin. 

April 17th includes HIC SVNT DRACONES, an excerpt of a work in progress by K.J. Holmes. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” –Nietzsche.

April 18 th includes leave it off the hook so she can sit and listen by The Spaces We Make (Christina Jane Robson,  Simon Thomas-Train, and John Mosloskie.) Thirty years ago a man and a woman began collecting and recording cassette tapes. Six months ago a different man and a different woman starting making a duet about it. A third man took all the cassette tapes and made them into beautiful music.


Photo by Lauryn Gerstle Dancers: Corinne Cappelletti and Eva Perrrotta


Photo of and by: K.J. Holmes


Photo by: Caitlin Scholl. Dancer: Christina Jane Robson


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