IMPRINT, a practice of becoming more conscious of perception through a reciprocal experience of touch. Expanding the sense of touch one can sense, listen, and see through touch.

IMPRINT is a weekly practice that I share with Eva Perrotta. As a Certified Laban Movement Analyst with her friend and Artistic Director of NuDance Theater, Eva Perrotta, we facilitate partner work where specific types of touch are solicited through descriptive language and observation practices from a Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and developmental movement approach. The goal of the practice is two fold. We are learning how to readily access and facilitate the specific world, meaning the quality and energy of movement and receptivity that is initiated from each particular body system. We consider the basic systems of the body as a group of organs that work together to perform a certain task.  We are teasing out what constitutes the skeletal world, the integumentary world, and have worked with the Cellular system and the nature of various fluids such as the interstitial fluid and the blood. Each biological system in the body possesses a poetic movement language, sensibility, state of mind, and quality to each.

Eva and Corinne observe, experiment and discover new connections with the body systems. With intentional touch we re-pattern muscle memory and stimulate neurological pathways to support new movement choices and ways of building relationships through movement. Sensory awareness is first initiated through the experience of the skin. Then we actively choose to work at different levels to access particular body systems. We train to execute, listen and communicate an energetic and emotional imprint on the body by practicing how to:

  • Touch different body systems, such as the Integumentary System (skin, fascia and fatty tissues), the Skeletal system (bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons), the respiratory system (organs used for breathing), Digestive system, and the Cellular system
  • Simultaneously perceive the act of touching and being touched
  • Discover a unique mode of movement expression that is specific to the different types of touch or given body system
  • Remember the movement quality, tone, texture and vocabulary that is particular to each of the body systems
  • Apply imprint as a tool or initiation for improvisational movement and for dance composition
  • Reflect through observation, writing, and discussion about different types of touch and body systems and how they expand your movement choices

The imprint from the experience of touch opens a space for an internal exploration of the different organic movements of the body, which influence our external interactions and choice making. Imprint opens an intimacy and a new consciousness of the being and moving.

Questions we pose are:

    • How does touch affect our body and your movement choices?
    • Which qualities and physical connections can we establish, recognize and intend to convey through dance as both choreographer and performer?


  • Learn specific types of touch and how that alters your state of mind/body
  • Discover new ways of building relationship with someone else, in the group, or with the room/environment in the various body states
  • Increase consciousness while moving
  • Learn how the intention of touch influences your experience of movement and dance and the people you interact with
  • Explore and discover new ways of seeing and being seen
  • Create new types of dialogue through touch and partnering
  • Develop small duet / choreographic sequences with the awareness of the different touch qualities

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