Help Wanted for Carry Your Burdens

Participation and help is needed! If you would like to be incorporated into my upcoming performance project in the Art in Odd Places Festival 2011 please sign-up for a date and a task from below:

Ø    Photo documentation

Ø    Video documentation

Ø    Stage managers

  • Pass out postcards/programs and audio tour info
  • Keep time and flow of the show

Ø    Stage hands

  • Direct performers from possible danger such as, obstructing pedestrians and traffic or running into someone or thing
  • Help watch the personal belongings of the performers

During the ten-day festival, October 1-10 my project, “Carry your Burdens,” will be performed twice daily.  There are morning shows from 7am at 14th street on The High Line to 520 E 14th St 9am, and evening shows everyday from 7pm at 520 E 14th St to 9pm at The High Line from 14th to 20th St.

These daily shows include 4-5 landmarks at which the duration is approximately 10 min each.  Please know that it is most helpful to do a complete show.  The running time is 2 hrs. The morning route is:

7:oo am The High Line traveling from 20th st to 14th street

7:30 am Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe 328 West 14th St

8:00 am Theater Lab 137 W 14th Street

8:30 am Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch 328 14th Street

8:45 am Jennifer Conley and Pat Daugherty’s home 520 E 14th Street at Ave B to finish at 9am

The night route starts at:

7:00pm at 520 E 14th St at 7pm

7:30 pm Jackie Rudin’s home 7 W 14th Street

7:45 pm Rags-A-Go-Go 218 W 14th Street

8:30 pm reaching The High Line to finish at 9pm.

Rituals of the urban landscape emphasized in this performance are: walking, encountering, returning. I am framing these actions with two questions:

“What burden did you overcome to get to where you are now?”

“If you could let go of one burden right now what would it be?”

I surveyed eight residents and businesses along 14th Street in Manhattan with these questions.  Each location is now a landmark on the performance map, Carry your Burdens, which will be a part of Art in Odd Places Festival from October 1-10.  I have worked with the burdens of each landmark to choreograph a daily performance. Each morning and night Einy Åm Sparks, Eva Perrotta, Lindsey Drury, Katelyn Hayes and myself carry one another and the burdens we’ve embodied through the choreographic process. When the performers encounter another person bearing a burden, we stop to feel, see, and describe it. In duets we transcend elements of physical fatigue but also the emotional exhaustion of carrying the burdens of 14th Street. Expanding the map into performance and this shared experience, burdens are lifted.

We invite you to come participate in attempt to share and lighten the burdens of fear of failure that may be holding you back from pushing through to your goals, emotional reactions to racial prejudice, and being a passive participant in a wartime society. Some of the deeply intriguing burdens we have uncovered are:

  • Aging and weight-gain
  • Realizing a change in self-perception
  • being blacklisted as rock n roll radio disc jockey
  • Never meeting someone, because NYC is about associating rather than connecting

Please sign up below.  If you want to do more than 1 job or more than 1 show, please indicate it with the numbers and in the comment box. Thank you!


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