Offshoot New Ped in France

New Ped "Rinny Richelme"New Ped "Rinny Rechelme"New Pedestrian offshoot performance unfolds in the streets of Aix-En-Provence, France.

In response to Ed White’s Photography exhibit, “La Vie Quotidienne de La Place Rechelme pendant les siécles,” (The daily life of Place Rechelm throughout the centuries) March 28th thru April 2 2011 at La Salle Pavilon, L’Hôtel de Ville, Corinne Cappelletti created a series of street performance throughout the day, Friday March 25th.

The artist statement of Ed White inspired an improvisational performance score involving red and white stripped tape to mark the space as well as the changing life and interactions.  Using market and cafe gestures gathered from local friends in France, Cappelletti inserted herself into La Place Rechelme from 6 am until 6pm.  Her realtime performance brings to life the scenes of people in the market or at the cafe as well as the transitions in between the phases as was captured in the still life photographs on display by White.  The photographs document one view of the changes and scenes that identify La Place Rechelme, and Cappelletti engages another.

Together they can be viewed at the opening night of the photo expo, “La Vie Quotidienne de La Place Rechelme pendant les siécles” at La Salle Pavilon, L’Hôtel de Ville March 28th 6pm.

Artist Statement

… the Place Richelme is probably one of the few public places in the world that are stages on which a daily choreographed alternation between market and café have been part of the fabric of life for centuries. Like acts in a play, events are hyphenated by set changes. Every day is the same on the surface, but each day, in reality, different. We observe the participants day after day, their faces familiar and part of the inherent beauty. We become the participants day in and day out. Imperceptibly and incrementally, the troop composition changes. The apparent daily circle is, in fact, the present spiraling. In the Place Richelme, there is no beginning or end. The quotidian rhythm, like a heartbeat, is the pulse of Aix-en-Provence…

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